Whether our clients are looking to build or remodel New Car Dealerships or Boutique Jewelry Stores, no job is too large or too small! Sambor Stone Ltd has a reputation for excellence that comes from years of experience with state-of-the-art equipment which allows us to produce a top quality product with top quality installations. We have been actively servicing a retail clientele for 15 years so this means we are doing something right.


Sambor Stone Ltd is in high demand with many well-known Hotel and Resort chains. We are a rare breed in the Midwest with 3 CNC and 2 line machines including a dedicated mitering machine. The product capacity allows us to meet pretty much any economies of scale as well as keeping quality high. No one wants their job to be behind schedule, but with our highly trained and dedicated personnel, we get the job done when clients find themselves in a bind and need our help.

Multi-Unit High-Rise

Sambor Stone Ltd.’s reputation for excellence has created a loyal clientele locally as well as out-of-state. We fulfill the needs of clients throughout the country. Our expertise in the use of modern technology as well as pride in craftsmanship gives us the advantage over more inexperienced “Pop Up” fabricators unable to handle the demands of clients under pressure. Nine times out of ten, the project is delayed and when it comes to finishes it's always a mad dash to the finish end. We have a lot of experience in dealing with "fire" situations.